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Neptuno street, Havana

Cienfuegos Il Duomo di Firenze Torre del Mangia Street of Siena Portrait of Tuscany Morning Shadow Moorings Flow of The Grand Canal

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Jerusalem Faces - part I

June 17, 2011

Walking the streets of Jerusalem I saw many interesting people. That's reasonable if we take into consideration that the Old City of Jerusalem has been traditionally divided into four quarters - the Armenian, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Quarter.
In two months I've spent in Israel I have returned 3 times back to Jerusalem - mostly exploring the old walled city. There are many different cultures and religions mixed up at such small place. At the time of my visit, there have been couple of Jewish holidays, so I was lucky to see some special moments. One morning I spent couple of hours in front of Jaffa gates taking portraits of people passing by.

Yoel Tordjman, an artist from Paris - Jaffa Gate

People praying at the Western Wall

Moonlight walk - near the Jaffa Gate

An old lady just finished her prayer in Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Jerusalem street market

An old man in the Armenian Quarter


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