Neptuno street, Havana

Cienfuegos Il Duomo di Firenze Torre del Mangia Street of Siena Portrait of Tuscany Morning Shadow Moorings Flow of The Grand Canal

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Dalmatian Zagora ("Dalmatinska Zagora") is the southern inland region of Croatia, part of Dalmatia that is not on the coast. Zagora is very beautiful region of Croatia and it's hard to count all the beauties that nature has granted this area, such as Cetina river, Gubavica waterfall, natural phenomenon such as the Crveno jezero (the Red Lake), the Vranjača Cave and others.

The bay of Dabar on the Peruca lake

Aerial photo of Stari Grad, Sinj

Aerial shoot of spring of the Cetina river

Awakening of historical town of Sinj

Spring in Bajagic, small place in Dalmatian Zagora located on Cetina river

Medieval fortress near Trilj

Stormy night is coming to Svilaja mountain

Spring of the Cetina river

Cetina river (Vrlika region)

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